Welcome to KitBlack.net


Hello. I’m Kit Black. Welcome to my website.

Well, as you can see, the site is still under construction, but I expect to have things up and open soon. Please check back often as I’ll be adding more headshots, some sides, as well as some videos.
As for the videos, I plan to post home recorded self-tape auditions to submit to agents, but I also plan to record/post some of my favorite monologues from Shakespeare and other greats.
Of course, I’ll be doing the regular Shakespeare monologues, but as an exercise I’ll also do each monologue in a different English (Irish, Scottish, English RP) accent.
For those who enjoy a Southern accent, my wife has asked that I also do some redneck Shakespeare, where I flex my Texas accent rather than suppress it, during the monologues. Those should be… interesting. Stay tuned. :)